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I can not explain the reasons I materialized my self in this place and time. I can not tell you about the purpose of my ephemeral passing by through this space. I can not even remember exactly what was before and, for the moment, I find my self in the impossibility to see what is going to happen next.

Despite all the unknown facts, I feel my self driven by a single certain reason. I know that I exist among people, in one form or another, since the ancestral beginning. This is a fact, just like my body knows it has to breathe. I believe this truth is essential for my existence. Now, because I know I exist since the beginning, I feel the need to find out the real history, I have to search the unknown, to rich for its secrets, and in this process to learn the truth, because I feel that I hold inside me all the wonders of the world. And once knowing my past and holding the truths, I am confident that I will be able to see the future.

For the moment, from the cosmic clash of the unknown forces, I became sentient in a male body, in a place called Romania, in a city called Constanta, and my name is Alexandru Dan. So far I explored my own corporal limits, I experienced a limited number of sensations and I assimilated the primary emotions and feelings.

Following my experiences so far, I deduced my earlier existences and in the same time I began to explore a special ability – observation. Although I am aware that I im still in the early stages of my higher being, I try to perfect observation as the main tool of my evolution process.

Following my observations I reached certain opinions and conclusions about fundamental or less important aspects of reality that I will explore in Silenzio Report. I must underline that observations are only half of the exercise if they are not followed by concrete and cursive ideas, which have the purpose to guide my path to more spectacular mysteries.

I am a curious traveler, an anonymous researcher of primordial essences, a spirit of the present traveling from the beginning of time in the journey of infinite steps towards anything that means better, more beautiful, more close to understanding.

Illustration by engraphos


Written by Alexandru Dan

July 24, 2009 at 07:26

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