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Illustration by engraphos

It is my quiet corner. It is my attempt to recreate the nocturnal moments before I sleep, those most precious moments when I can hear my thoughts. Only then, in the quiet of the night, I can feel the whirlpool of sensations, feelings and impressions accumulated during the daily chaos. Only then I feel able to think, to figure out things, to tell my self stories, to plan, to imagine what would I do and how would look another world, my world. Then, I drive my self crazy, I amuse my self, I feel sorrow and joy and fall asleep, always hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

Silenzio Report is a personal exercise, trying to capture my own chaotic dancing thoughts, to give them meaning and form, to manipulate and materialize them in a way that can bring me closer to a better understanding of my self and my surroundings. Like the name suggests this is a report, a journal, a recording of my views about the world as I see it, but this journal also has a second meaning, and that is to reach out and find my inner peace, even in limited quantities.

This tiny spot in cyberspace is my own inspirational playground, is the place where I can play with my ideas, feelings and words. And the people are welcome. Because the people should search, the people should know, the people must create, they must laugh; they must love and feel.

In conclusion, Silenzio Report, is my research and exploration vehicle, because there still are great wonders out there and anything is possible, isn’t?


Written by Alexandru Dan

July 24, 2009 at 07:24

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