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The evil from within

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Man is a predator, perhaps the most lethal form of life in the known universe. The evil that thrust our destructive vital force is embedded in our gene code. We are programmed to kill. We are designed to destroy. We exist to consume.

Our so short-lived recorded history proves by undeniable facts that our evolution as a specie and civilization was possible only through violence and destructive acts. In time we have learned to overcome our physical shortcomings and challenged our natural competitors. In time we have learned to conquer nature and own its fruits. In time we have multiplied ourselves and learned how to conquer other fellow-men. Our ancestors built this world of ours only through violence and barbarism. Slowly, in time, claiming the peace with bloody swords and always having different Gods on their side, they have left their legacy – this glittering, bustling, brand new world for us to have and enjoy in peace. And here we are in this age of unprecedented cultural and technological illumination, killing each other from great distance, using bullets, missiles and buttons, keeping each other in check with satellites and nuclear weapons, ripping off nature’s last resources, keeping on destroying our habitat and ourselves. If there is one difference between our barbarian ancestors and us, modern men, that is we have learned to kill each other more effective and less messy.

But leaving aside all that global mess that is so far far away from our Wi-Fi hot spots and our asphalt civilization, and turning on our most modern and progressive metropolises we will find that evil thrive among us, well tamed and educated citizens, roaming around in urban open cages. Violence and barbarism surround us. And we have also learned to cope with that. We have learned living our modern lives ignoring the wild animals that lie in each one of us. We have been tamed. We have built a society based on rules, we have rights, we have laws, and we have the police and the military that enforces those laws. We fight the evil and take it down, one man at a time. But from time to time one of our best breaks down and then we all can see unfolding the gruesome spectacle of human violence and brutality – our true nature. A doctor, a police man, a scientist can and will commit horrible crimes fueled by an uncontrollable rage or passion. And we hurry to put them away, we hurry to judge and condemn, we find logical excuses and explanations for the aberration and then we go on with our lives hoping for the best and following our system designed paths towards whatever.

And yet, sometimes, when we are alone, we feel crawling our own demon, somewhere deep down our dark souls, chanting the ancient rhythms that fuel our blood drive. The demon lives within us and that’s why sometimes we can relate to the criminal that slaughter his wife and her lover in a jealousy attack. We would have done the same. We acknowledge that criminal impulse, we recognize that violent drive. We all have lived our wild moments. Every one of us has a neighbor, a colleague, someone who we would like to kill with our bear hands.

The man is just like a tiger in a cage. Even if the tiger is born in captivity and raised by its keepers, its wild instincts will always be there. All it needs is a moment of weakness from its guardians. If opportunity appears it will always strike and it will always kill. Just like us. We have been tamed by our society and its rules. From the moment we are born others watch over us and tell us what to do and what not to do. We are raised and learned accordingly to the rules of the land. We always know what we are allowed to do and what we are not. All those rules give us the illusion that we are in control of our lives and we know what is good and what is bad. And we always have to choose the good path, we always have to obey the laws and keep on going. Apparently the system works. Here we are billions living together apparently in peace.

But what if the system fails? What if electricity stops running for a few days? What if one day you will not have food for your child or a medicine for your loved one? What if you will not be able to use your cell phone or hear the news? What will you do to survive? Then all the fences will fall and the wild tigers will unleash their rage upon themselves and everything else. Then the stronger will prevail.

And one day the fences will fall. One day the walls will crumble down into pieces because if history teaches us something that is the fact that everything built by man is destined to fail. Any system designed to control humanity will eventually fail because our perfection lies in our flaws. When something is reaching perfection it has fulfilled its purpose and will always have an impact upon its environment, thus changing the rules, and eventually will become obsolete. Our destiny is to fail.

And yet remains some questions. What if denying our true nature makes us certain victims? What if by ignoring our natural-born instincts we become weak, we become less and less ready to take on our destiny? What if by obeying the laws we surrender our rights to change the world? What if our purpose is to challenge everything? What if we are meant to bring the system down?

And… are you ready?


Written by Alexandru Dan

June 30, 2010 at 10:29

5 Responses

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  1. Yeah, that’s pretty crazy. But I like the way you think. Recently, at Wal-Mart, my family and I participated in the dance of rational societal beahavior, but no one else got the same memo.

    People ravaged the shelves like the next day was the apocalypse. Loud talking, cutting in lines, cursing, screaming children…and there we were, in button down polo shirts and slacks and skirts and blouses, staring open mouthed at the animals tearing the local Wally world apart.

    The rules are disappearing. The line between right and wrong has disappeared and the new question is how does this situation benefit me.

    Insightful posts. I like your writing.

    RD Carter

    August 4, 2010 at 07:25

    • Thanks for your comment RD! 🙂 I have the same feeling of social dissolution. I feel that nothing is working anymore and nothing makes sense. There is something wrong with the world and maybe we just need a restart.

      Alexandru Dan

      August 6, 2010 at 07:14

      • I just had a thought. Maybe we should stop drinking the water…

        What does it say about us if we continue to condone the failing system of things? If we are active participants in the sinful dealings of others, are we, too, committing the same sin? We buy from swindlers, are we swindlers, and so on and so forth…just wondering.

        RD Carter

        August 15, 2010 at 09:39

  2. Such true words.
    I also believe this.
    It is certain the wild will prevail.
    The biggest risk is can the tamed fight off the wild.


    August 4, 2010 at 17:34

    • Thanks for your comment! And that is the question, isn’t it? I believe that people will find amazing resources and will do unthinkable things to survive. And that is not necessary a good thing.

      Alexandru Dan

      August 6, 2010 at 07:23

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