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Some are saying that life is the most sacred gift. We are supposed to treasure it. And enjoy it. We grasp life one second at a time. We consume it with our senses and wonder at its mysteries. Since we are able to think, we try, in one way or another, to figure it out. We try to comprehend its vastness. We learn a bit every day and yet we continue to sail into the unknown reaching further one heart beat at a time. And in all this time we are drove by our survival instinct. We are capable of doing great things and overcome impossible obstacles. We are resilient. Our capacity to adapt, to invent, to survive against the odds is our greatest ability. And then is the suicide.

The suicide is the action of suppressing your own life. We also do that, some of us. The suicide is regarded as one of the most severe cardinal sins. At least this is what the church told us, and it is a wide shared opinion in most cultures. Underlining its gravity, the Christians say that the one that commits suicide goes straight to hell and has no chance to redeem his or her soul. Most of the people are disgusted by this gesture and hurry to condemn the poor soul leaving the world in this way. The ones that kill them selves are supposed to be weak, broken, damaged.

But if man can find the power to overcome anything, what kind of strength it takes to overcome your own survival instinct? Can everyone be wrong about this? No time to think about it. We get busy judging hastily and deny the one that left us behind. But in the same time we cherish the concept of free will and we are ready to accept many things. We live among evil every single day. We are bystanders of atrocities, we witness despair and hopelessness and we are always ready to turn around and judge others. Not only we judge but we dismiss anything that contradicts our belief systems. The things that others told us. The rules that we are supposed to live by. The way things are.

There must be another way. Maybe we are too selfish to acknowledge ones choice. Maybe the departing of our close ones in this way has something to do with our own evil demons that lie inside our souls. The suicide is the ultimate form of rebellion. This gesture sends the most powerful message possible to the rest of us. And yet we choose to turn away and judge. Maybe because a suicide makes you think about things. And maybe we really hate that. Maybe we are better off, numb, in our comfort zones. Maybe we are to busy pretending to live. When one leaves us behind in that way we are left with no choice but to look in mirror, because we can never ever talk to them again. This is a mirror to painful to look into. If we look at it we might see our own failures. We might find we did nothing to avoid this and many other wrong things. We could have been better, more close to one another. If that soul has chosen that exit it means that all the doors were closed for it.

And yet we still judge. It’s more convenient, isn’t? When someone close to us takes its own life it means we all have failed. We must accept that. And we must respect that choice. Because it is all about free will. And maybe, just maybe the suicide is the final tribute to life. Maybe this is the most important lesson that the departed one can give us. Everything ends some way or the other. So why not love more? Why not laugh more? Why not treasure the others more? If you can’t do anything anymore to help your lost friend, maybe now you could do something important for the others around you.

When someone dies we say “Rest in peace!” I say “Live in peace!” to all of you sinners that still roam around. But you won’t.


Written by Alexandru Dan

April 16, 2010 at 08:39

2 Responses

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  1. good good! You rule man!

    Funky Monkey

    April 16, 2010 at 15:53

  2. Judging is always easier than taking the time and effort to understanding and helping someone.
    “Live in peace!”
    I love it! Great post…


    May 9, 2010 at 18:21

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