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Paradise in love

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Maybe people are just not meant to be together. And we all know that people are social animals. We need each other, we attract each other, we have shaped our world and ourselves to meet and get in love. But after we do that, somehow we always destroy it. All that beauty vanishes. All that passion is consumed. All those great words and promises turn into meaningless nonsense. And the attraction… you always find it somewhere else.

Love. I need that. We all do. We seek for it every single moment of our life. Even when we don’t know we are still searching for it. Everything spins around love, and that is a fact. It’s a great mystery for me how that absolute insane perfect bliss that we call love is the most wanted thing in the universe and in the same time is the main reason that makes us hate each other.

Another fascinating thing about love is that it is as predictable as an earthquake. In this moment you are doing this and that, getting on with your life and your insignificant routine and then from nowhere Wham! It hits you. It takes only an instant for your world to crumble into pieces. And it is always a cataclysm type event on a personal scale. It would change you forever. You will never be the same. After that impact you will have to build up your life from scratch, but this time you will do that around the love. Because that is all you have for the moment. And somehow that is all you need. You are so thankful. You are in love. By some cosmic fortunate disaster you have found the other one, your better half. The one that completes you! Suddenly you don’t need your personal history anymore. You even deny it! You are born again and ready to start over on a new path. Your journey just begins. And the other one is so perfect that the rest of the human kind seems like insignificant ugly retarded life forms.

Without realizing the changes begin. You are moving godlike among the rest and juiced up with your new energies the world seems better, brighter, beautiful, and smaller. The impossible turns into reachable. You truly believe that nothing can stand in your way and this will go on forever. You transform your self. You start doing things that you never thought before, like taking a midnight walk in the rain and talk for hours. You discover new marvels that you share with the one you love. You do things for them just to get a smile and you feel like floating when you kiss. You collect your own little precious secrets and you get restless if the other one is not near you. Years might pass by in this surreal bliss.

If the world is how we see it then the great thing about love is that it makes you feel like living in a parallel world – paradise in love. It doesn’t matter that you are broke and live in a crummy one bedroom apartment. As long as you are consumed by the passion for the other, you don’t need even the most exclusive tropical resort.

There is only a catch. Time. That perfect moment will always end. Those precious happy days will pass. And those beautiful years will fade away. Because everything ends. And we have always known that. But somehow we choose not to recognize that truth until it hits us in the face. It might end abruptly, just like it started or it might end slowly, just like a sleeping volcano that boils deep down inside for many years but will always find a way to erupt.

Regardless of how it ends at this point we are faced with three facts: your life will fall into pieces once more. You will never be the same after that. And the most important fact: no matter the reasons there is no one to blame. The people are not ready yet to handle those energies for a lifetime. Love is just like a rare exotic fruit. It exists only for you to wonder, consume and enjoy it. Its taste and touch can change you forever and you should consider yourself blessed if you tasted the paradise in love, even just for a moment. That lost beauty, that lost passion it what drives us. Love is the fuel for our soul travel. And we should always treasure those few precious ones that considered us wordy to travel together for a while and gave us their love. That is the most precious gift a human could and should give to each other. The point is that our souls need to wonder free and no matter how sad or hard it might be, we have no choice in this matter. We will love, we will hurt others and we will suffer. Maybe this is just the divine coin that we must pay to feel the divine touch.

But once in love you will always have in your heart paradise in love. And because of that you will have no rest until you find that lost paradise again. You will start over. You will never stop searching. It may take years. It might be very painful. You might not find it again. But you will go on.


Written by Alexandru Dan

April 7, 2010 at 07:35

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