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Three guys and a fight

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Illustration from iStockphoto

–          You don’t shine anymore. And it’s been some time now. Instead you grow smaller and grey. Are you going to do something about it?

–          I have a plan.

–          Uuuu! And what’s the plan?

–          I don’t have yet all the details but…

A squeak is heard outside the door. The two men sitting at the kitchen table turn their heads in the same time towards the door. In the small and poorly lighted room a graveyard silence crawls dawn the walls. Only the water drops released in a perfect rhythm by the broken tap are marking to loud the passing seconds. The two men wait in tension staring at the door once upon a time painted in a bright red.

–          You think…

–          Sssssst!

Clank! Clank! Twice. The door slides open grinding to a halt when it slams against the wall. Without thinking the two men jumped off their chairs in opposite directions. The chairs loudly drop down on the concrete floor. One of them manages to tilt over the kitchen table improvising a possible barricade in the center of the small room. The other one rolls over slamming into an old cabinet neighbor to the wall. He opens a drawer gasping where he finds among other kitchen tools the weapon. It was too late. The attacker having the element of surprise already broke in raging upon the two men from the darkness of the corridor. Fortunately he loses his foothold and falls down helped by one of the chairs laying on the floor but he immediately rises and this time using the same chair as a weapon he attacks wild the man behind the table barricade. The fight turns into a life and death struggle near the sink full of dirty dishes. Both men try to apply the other a mortal kick but both of them are masters of attack and defense canceling each others kicks, fending off and attacking again with fast and slick moves that make them look like caught in a crazy tribal dance having as a rhythm the sound of broken dishes and the surrendering tableware loudly falling down on the floor. Sawing its comrade trapped in a bad situation the other man, now armed, raise suddenly and joins in the fight. The wild attack howl makes the walls tremble bringing down the already frighten wall coating that breaks into a million pieces impacting the floor. But the third’s man attack ends as suddenly and unexpected as it was violent and surprising. In his wild rage the man steps on a rolling-pin lying on the floor lost among debris, loses his foothold and falls down on a chair that break into pieces. The two enemies already fighting are surprised by the loud development that gives them a few seconds of pause and embracing each other in the deadly grip they looked angry at the inert form of the man laying on the remains of the broken chair. These few moments of distraction were enough to annihilate the attacker. The latter is surprised by a head kick right in the face. Losing his grip the attacker find him self facing the floor having the right arm twisted behind his back and the conqueror pressing his body weight against his own, immobilizing him in a painful lock.

– So tell me asshole… did you bring the smokes?


Written by Alexandru Dan

December 17, 2009 at 13:09

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