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The evil from within

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Man is a predator, perhaps the most lethal form of life in the known universe. The evil that thrust our destructive vital force is embedded in our gene code. We are programmed to kill. We are designed to destroy. We exist to consume.

Our so short-lived recorded history proves by undeniable facts that our evolution as a specie and civilization was possible only through violence and destructive acts. In time we have learned to overcome our physical shortcomings and challenged our natural competitors. In time we have learned to conquer nature and own its fruits. In time we have multiplied ourselves and learned how to conquer other fellow-men. Our ancestors built this world of ours only through violence and barbarism. Slowly, in time, claiming the peace with bloody swords and always having different Gods on their side, they have left their legacy – this glittering, bustling, brand new world for us to have and enjoy in peace. And here we are in this age of unprecedented cultural and technological illumination, killing each other from great distance, using bullets, missiles and buttons, keeping each other in check with satellites and nuclear weapons, ripping off nature’s last resources, keeping on destroying our habitat and ourselves. If there is one difference between our barbarian ancestors and us, modern men, that is we have learned to kill each other more effective and less messy. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Alexandru Dan

June 30, 2010 at 10:29

Now I know, I just found out…

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By Nicolae Steinhardt

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When a man manages to succeed, to reach a goal that demanded a lot of effort, pride starts to overrun his soul. The one that loses weight looks at fat people with contempt. The one that quits smoking becomes a stiff neck when others still bear the weight of their addiction. If one manages to suppress his sexuality, the sinner that is driven by instinct becomes the object of hate and contempt.

The things that make us better might be more vile that the original sins. What we achieve can poison our soul with venom. The money you can gain might turn you into an arrogant and cheap man. The wealth can push you into the scary abyss of the sin. The way towards love gets narrow when we look at the others from the height of a flying eagle. The gentleness of the heart dries out on the spindle of despise, hate and pride if the soul is not ready to accept the success with the modesty and grace of a gentle flower. Everything we do for ourselves brings us energy that is meant to turn back into the world, for those that still are in agony, in misery and sin. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Alexandru Dan

May 31, 2010 at 08:38

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Some are saying that life is the most sacred gift. We are supposed to treasure it. And enjoy it. We grasp life one second at a time. We consume it with our senses and wonder at its mysteries. Since we are able to think, we try, in one way or another, to figure it out. We try to comprehend its vastness. We learn a bit every day and yet we continue to sail into the unknown reaching further one heart beat at a time. And in all this time we are drove by our survival instinct. We are capable of doing great things and overcome impossible obstacles. We are resilient. Our capacity to adapt, to invent, to survive against the odds is our greatest ability. And then is the suicide. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Alexandru Dan

April 16, 2010 at 08:39

Paradise in love

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Maybe people are just not meant to be together. And we all know that people are social animals. We need each other, we attract each other, we have shaped our world and ourselves to meet and get in love. But after we do that, somehow we always destroy it. All that beauty vanishes. All that passion is consumed. All those great words and promises turn into meaningless nonsense. And the attraction… you always find it somewhere else.

Love. I need that. We all do. We seek for it every single moment of our life. Even when we don’t know we are still searching for it. Everything spins around love, and that is a fact. It’s a great mystery for me how that absolute insane perfect bliss that we call love is the most wanted thing in the universe and in the same time is the main reason that makes us hate each other. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Alexandru Dan

April 7, 2010 at 07:35

Hava-Wash – Part 2

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The drive

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And now after yet another successful awakening and engine ignition, our young man, comfortable settled in the vehicle command post, was ready to plunge into traffic. With his senses in alert he approaches the first intersection, the one up the street near his Presidential Palace.

Suddenly: “Stooop! Whoooaa! Whoooaa!” As usual the SD – Stop Dwarf is at his post doing his job, cursing loudly, sitting high up, right in the top of the traffic sign.  His crazy signs were related to the commander through the TCDs – Traffic Control Dwarfs running all over the dashboard. “Warning! Stop Alert Great Master!” Alfonso reacts immediately. The decision is automated. The nervous impulses are transmitted in nanoseconds and instantly enforced by the right leg’s muscles that push the brake pedal. Brake! The BPJ – blue piece of junk abruptly stops right in front of the Stop sign. A quick look left… a quick look right… Svooooom… svooom… heavy traffic. Interminable parades of horse power caged in different metal bodies. Some are smaller, some are huge, some are angry and some are stupid, some are colored and some are rusty, some are the latest state of the art mechanical wonders and some are obsolete four wheels disasters. All of them are tamed by their humanoid masters, most of them already tired, with grey faces and lost looks, making their way through traffic. Some of them cursing, some of them bored, and some of them just absent. The people are not happy yet. But fear not! The Revolution is around the corner!

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Written by Alexandru Dan

March 30, 2010 at 07:35

Hava-Wash – Part 1

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The Departure

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Another morning crept out of the dark night upon Alfonso, awakening among his senses the usual nausea, causing the young and other wise well raised young man to loudly curse the alarm clock and the unknown mystical forces that decided that men should wake up once the sun takes hold of the land.

Lingering no more, after he realized he really has to, Alfonso gets out of the bed and still half asleep and cursing, leaves behind the warm comfort of his night lair. It’s time for a new adventure! The morning wake-up ritual starts slowly as usual. A quick bathroom lap, teeth brush, face wash and eyes open. Stage two – the cold kitchen and colder Coca-Cola. Here comes the coffee! Finally the hot steamy black potion is ready. Stage three – hot coffee, cold Coke, three cigarettes and… toilet meditation, the only peaceful moments of the day. Only in that toilet quietness he could sink in deep thoughts about all the big problems of human kind and search for the meaning of life. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Alexandru Dan

March 23, 2010 at 20:30

The divine text message and the Bacroletosys

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–          I would like some quiet. And peace of mind.

–          Really? When?

–          Well… some times, more often.

–          What? Is it to loud now?

–          Only in my brain. I choose to hear every thing. I’m restless. Nothing is too good for me and I feel I miss things. I fail a little bit more every single day.

–          My friend I am stunned! I am completely amazed! I have never ever heard that before! You are the only unfortunate person in the world and I am so sorry for that! Yes! You really need the quiet, you need the space so you can organize yourself, and so you can regroup and prepare for it. And please take your time. Retreat, evolve, the world will wait for you. Everything will stop and we all will anxiously wait for the Day that You, The Great Resurrected, will enlighten us with the secrets of happiness found in your quite oasis. Everything will be ok. Come on! Come now! Go! Go for it! Fly Forest! Fly! Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Alexandru Dan

February 22, 2010 at 10:15